Pa Day at the Tett | Little Hoots


Over the past couple months I have had the incredible opportunity to bring some wonderful workshops to life with the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, here in Kingston.

In October, I ran the first PA Day at the Tett, and of course I had to introduce the kids series with my favourite Little Hoots project! The class was full of bright, talented and enthusiastic kids, and boy did we have fun!

We started off the morning with some preliminary warm up drawings, and then I walked everyone through their painting step-by-step. I always enjoy watching each student take their painting in a totally unique direction. We took a break and went on little tour around the Tett Centre and explored the music, ceramics, jewelry, dancing and weaving studios. I soon learned we had class full of little dancers, musicians, and artists! As the class came to an end, we finished off with a gallery visit, and had some great conversations about painting and art making. We talked about about different painting methods and techniques. Overall, it was a wonderful morning and everyone enjoyed sharing their final paintings. I asked everyone what they wanted to paint next time and it resulted in 14 children jumping and shouting simultaneously about all of the unlimited images and ideas we could create next. This is the point where me heart melts and I remember why I never get tried of teaching art.


I always learn just as much from my students during each class, as they do from me. Teaching art constantly reminds me how unique and yet similar we are. We have many of the same fears and insecurities when it comes to doing something new, especially surrounded by others. It’s with some patience and gentle encouragement from a mentor, that student’s realize they are here to simply learn, try, do and enjoy. Children are so incredible when they have the tools and environment to explore and create. They just go for it, and what tends to result is new potential and confidence in their own abilities. It’s pretty powerful to witness a student looking down and realizing they are capable of something they didn’t know previously.

This of course sincerely applies to us all. If you can carve out time to create, or muster the willingness to attend a workshop and learn something new – anything new – you are creating opportunities for personal growth and development. Have you wanted to try an acrylic painting class? A salsa dance class? A metal jewelry class? What are you waiting for?

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