Wine + Wildflower Paint Night Out! | August 2016


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once (s)he grows up.”

– Pablo Picasso

paint night out

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! Here are a few shots from this August’s wonderful painting event! Wine & Wildflower Paint Night Out was a huge success! I am so blown away by all of the support for these events, and am so grateful for you all! I truly love doing these events for you all.

I’m excited to announce I'm working on NEW key-images, and I know you guys will love them, because frankly, I love them!! If you have any suggestions for imagery you’d like to paint, or treats you’d like to eat, please always feel free to share. These events are created for you guys to explore and celebrate your own creativity and community!

wildflower painting

As always, each class I am so inspired by my students. At the end of class every painting is so unique and speaks to you each of you as a budding artist. The Wildflower image in particular was more difficult due to its abstract nature. Surprisingly, as adults that can be much more difficult than we like to admit. (Trust me, this applies to myself too!!) But each of you approached the subject matter with determination and grace. We all started somewhere, and it truly just takes the patience and the willingness to give yourself time and a space to create. Way to go team!

paint nite