Danielle Folkerts is a contemporary interdisciplinary artist and art educator living and working in Kingston, Ontario. Originally from Alberta, her formal education includes a Visual Arts Diploma from Red Deer College, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with Distinction, from the Alberta College of Art + Design, majoring in Painting. Danielle has attended a number of artist residencies and workshops around the globe. 

Her ongoing art practice explores modern and traditional approaches to art making and craft, bouncing between acrylic mixed media paintings, minimalist watercolurs, and delicately woven and constructed fiber wall hangings.

Travel is deeply rooted in her creative practice. Drawing inspiration from the rich colors, textures, patterns and expressions found in the jungle, the ocean, visiting coral reefs, and the mountains. Her work is a collection of real experiences, memories and feelings - and finding the moments that we crave, search for, and connect with. Her work is platform to discuss a multitude of subjects including local landscapes, ocean preservation, ecotourism, and art therapy.  Snap-shot capturing moments on camera while kayaking, scuba diving, or hiking, often find their way into the studio, and are incorporated and in a unique way. Translated through line, colour, texture, pattern and memory. 

In addition to passionately pursing her studio practice, you can find Danielle attending local markets around Ontario and Alberta, and showcasing artwork in a number of venues and businesses with The Travelling Artisan.

Danielle is currently focusing on developing, organizing and instructing unique private and public art classes with local schools, private groups, and community centers. To book a private group workshop, view upcoming classes or view previous classes see here.   

Read all about Danielle's latest project with Lululemon HERE. Breathe It All In. 



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Danielle Folkerts | Kingston, Ontario



2011-2013       Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction, Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary, AB

2009-2011      Visual Arts Diploma, Red Deer College, Red Deer, AB



2017               PLATFORM: Audience Development Workshop, Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, Kingston, ON

2016               Artist-Educator Professional Development Workshop SeriesThe Arts and Social Justice, Tett Centre for Creativity + Learning, Kingston, ON

2016               Self-directed Art Residency, Small Pond Arts, Prince Edward County, Ontario

2015               Self-directed Air Program, Artist Residency, Caetani Cultural Centre, Vernon, BC

2013               Artist in Italy , Painting + Drawing Workshop, Tuscany, Italy


Awards and Grants:

2016                 Lacombe Arts Endowment Grant, City of Lacombe

2011/2012        Jason Lang Scholarship, Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund

2011                 Affairs of the Arts Travel Scholarship, Affairs of the Arts, Red Deer College

2010                Louise McKinney Scholarship, Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund

2010                Ian and Hope Cook Sr. Art Study Travel Scholarship, Red Deer College

2009               Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund


Publications + Press                     

Local Leads: Artist Studios + Collectives, The Maker's guide to Kingston, by Taylor Norris, Visit Kingston, Page 13, Published August 2017

The Morning Show, Global News: CKWS TV, 10 minute live segment, August 18, 2017, Kingston, ON

Featured Artist of the Week: Danielle Folkerts, Expression K-Town, Published on July 24, 2017


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Discovering New Hobbies for 2017, CKWS TV, LIVE watercolour demo/Tett workshops, January 5, 2017

Hoot Hoot! PA Day at the Tett with The Travelling Artisan, Snapd Kingston, print, November 2017 Issue

Young artists and performers honored with Arts Endowment awards, Lacombe Globe, May 11, 2016 http://www.lacombeglobe.com/2016/05/11/young-artists-and-performers-honoured-with-arts-endowment-awards

Canvas & Cabernet: Supporting the Arts in Lacombe, City of Lacombe News, April 8, 2016 http://thelacombecityhallblog.blogspot.ca/2016/04/canvas-and-cabernet-in-support-for-art.html

Arts & Leisure: Lacombe-based artist excited to share her works with the community, Lacombe Express + Red Deer Express (full page), December 31, 2015, Lacombe + Red Deer, AB  http://www.lacombeexpress.com

Encore Annual Art Sale + Celebration of Creative Expression, Lacombe ExpressApril 23, 2015, Lacombe, AB                  

Marginalia, Luke Lindoe Library, Alberta College of Art + Design http://library.acad.ca/downloads/Marginalia.pdf

Makers to Know: Danielle Folkerts | The Travelling Artisan, Wildhumm.com, April 24, 2015 http://wildhumm.com/blog/2015/4/23/makers-to-know-danielle-folkerts-the-traveling-artisan


Solo Exhibitions:

2017               Breathe It All In - Installation, Lululemon, Kingston, ON

2017               The Travelling Artisan X Crave, Crave Coffeehouse, Kingston, ON

2016               Here & There: an Exhibition, Greater Goods, Calgary, AB

2016               The Travelling Artisan, Blindman Brewery, Lacombe, AB

2015                Wake the Dreams into Realities, To the Stars OT, Lacombe, AB

2015                Summer Exhibition, Copper Lane Hair Studios, Lacombe, AB

2014               Timely Textures, Elevate Activewear, Art Walk St Albert, St Albert, AB

2013                Art Walk 2013, Timeworn Charm, Lacombe Culture + Harvest Festival, Lacombe,

2012                The Longest Walk Home: An Installation, Show and Show, Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary, AB

2012                Muse, the Coven Gallery, Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary, AB


Group Exhibitions:

2017                Modern Yule, Modern Fuel, Tett Centre for Creativity + Learning, Kingston, ON

2015/2016       Encore Annual Art Sale + Celebration of Creative Expression, juried, Memorial Centre Lacombe, AB

2014                Calgary Art Walk, Stephen Avenue, Calgary, AB

2013                Artists in Italy, Julian Hyzler’s Studio, Tuscany, Italy

2013                Grad Show 2013, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, AB

2013                An Opening of Art, Calgary Creative Arts + Culinary Foundation, F2 Furnishings, Calgary, AB

2013                Marginalia: Negotiating the Margin of Understanding, Luke Lindoe Library,  Calgary, AB

2012                Again, What Do You Paint? A Fourth Year Painting Show, Main Mall, Alberta  College of Art + Design, Calgary, AB

2012                Fiber Department Open House, Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary , AB

2012                Ellis Bird Farm 30th Anniversary Nestboxes, Ellis Bird Farm Museum, Lacombe, AB

2012                Bodyworks – a Figurative Paintings Show, the Wall Gallery, Alberta College of Art  + Design, Calgary, AB

2012                Third and Fourth Year Painting Show + Silent Auction, Student/Faculty Show,  Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary, AB

2012                Silkscreen: Archeology of the Object, Print Media, 3rd Floor, Alberta College of Art  + Design, Calgary, AB

2012                Silkscreen: Mapping, Print Media, 3rd Floor, Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary, AB

2012                You Paint What? A Third Year Painting Show, Main Mall, Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary, AB

2011                Coven Gallery Opening Show, the Coven Gallery, Calgary, AB

2011/2012        Artist Proof Gallery’s Annual Exhibition and Exchange, Alberta Printmakers Gallery, Calgary, AB

2011                Painting Year 2, J.B Quinn Centre for Corporate Training, Red Deer College, AB

2011                Variations Student Show, Juried, Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery, Red Deer, AB

2010                Portrait of an Artist: Painting, Juried, Red Deer College, AB

2010                Student Drawing Show, Juried, Red Deer College Library, AB

2010                Student Works, Affairs of the Arts Fundraiser Event, Juried, Red Deer, AB


Professional Experience:  

2017-              Admin Assistant, Tett Centre for Creativity + Learning, Kingston, ON

2016-17          Curator, Instructor, Workshop + Event Coordinator, The Kingston Collective, Kingston, ON

2016-17          PA Day Program: Art Educator, The Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, Kingston, ON

2015-16           Freelance Art Instructor: Paint Night Out! Private + Community Art Classes, Lacombe, AB

2011-16           Artist in Residence + Art Instructor, Lacombe Christian School,  Lacombe AB

2016               Visiting Artist + Instructor, Lacombe Art Guild, Lacombe, AB

2015-16          Art Instructor, To the Stars Occupation Therapy + Wellness Centre, Lacombe, AB

2013-14           Kensington Art Supply + Instruction, Calgary, AB

2013-15           Showcasing Artist, F2 furnishings,  Calgary, AB

2012-13           Visiting Artist+ Instuctor, Central Alberta Christian High School, Lacombe, AB

2011                Assistant Printmaking Technician, Printmaking Studio, Red Deer College, AB



2016               Little Free Library, public commission, City of Lacombe, Terrace Ridge School, Lacombe, AB

2013                Osum Oil Sands, private, Trigger Communications & Design Ltd,  Calgary, AB

2013                Luke Lindoe Library Collection, public, Alberta College of Art + Design, AB

2011                RDC Permanent Collection, public, Red Deer College, AB


Personal Affiliations:

2017                 Modern Fuel, Kingston, ON

2016                 Kingston Arts Council, Kingston, ON

2015-16            Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton, AB

2013                 Lacombe Culture + Harvest Festival, Lacombe, AB

2013                 Calgary Creative Arts and Culinary Foundation, Calgary, AB

2010-11            Visual Arts Society, Red Deer College, Red Deer, AB


Art + Craft Markets 

2017               Fat Goose Craft Fair, Grant Hall, Queens University, Kingston, ON

2017               Kingston Women's Art Festival, City Park, Kingston, ON

2017               Cheerfully Made: Spring, Almonte, ON

2017               Meet the Makers Mixer + Pop Up Market, The Kingston Collective, Kingston, ON

2016               Fat Goose Holiday Craft Fair, Grant Hall, Queens University, Kingston, ON

2016               Cheerfully Made Holiday Market, Almonte Old Town Hall, Almonte, ON

2016               Etsy: Made in Canada with Fat Goose Craft Collective, Grant Hall, Queens University, Kingston, ON

2016               Vixens of Vintage Spring Fling Market, Bowness Community Connection, Calgary, AB

2016               Vixens of Vintage Spring Fling Market, Prince of Wales Armouries, Edmonton, AB

2015                Lacombe Community Market: Christmas Market, Lacombe Memorial Centre, AB

2015                Little Deer Market: Holiday Artisan Showcase, Eastgate Centre, Innisfail, AB

2015               The Vixens of Vintage, Prince of Wales Armouries, Edmonton, AB

2015                Last Stop Before Christmas, Lacombe Memorial Centre, Lacombe, AB

2015                All Things Pretty, Festival Hall, Red Deer, AB

2015               Encore Annual Art Sale + Celebration of Creative Expression, Memorial Centre, AB

2013-2015      Bentley Art Bazaar, Bentley Rodeo, Bentley Community Hall, Bentley, AB

2014              Calgary Art Walk, Stephen Ave, Calgary, AB



"I'm so thankful you put this list together for us. It is really nice to have guidance on buying good supplies that won't break the bank to get started. I really enjoyed the workshop last night. It was nice to be introduced to watercolours but more than that it was nice to be in a room of lovely people and... painting is so relaxing! It totally took my mind of work. Thanks for offering your continued help. I'll be sure to share a photo of a future painting!" - Sandra, April 2017

“One of my favourite boss babes is @thetravellingartisan. Not only is her artwork amazing, but her business acumen is unbelievable and her heart is so kind.” – Brittany Brander, Bourbon & Honey, 2016

“Danielle Folkerts is a mixed media artist with a true passion for her craft and travel. Her artwork is crafted beautifully and thoughtfully, and I’m happy to have her on the blog this week! Read on to find all about her inspirations, goals, and advice for folks just starting out.” – Makers to Know, WildHumm.com, 2015

“I’d like to introduce the art, lifestyle and radiant personality of Danielle Folkerts Studio! This person…is an art juggernaut. Currently on a residency in BC she is always on move in the art world. Whether it’s her brilliant watercolours of gems, mountains, or nature, or her extremely popular Little Hoots, or teaching workshops around Central Alberta or hiking or canoeing or travelling or making videos or tabling at art fairs or making the best care packages for her clients, family and friends….I may have already broke my “too wordy goal.”

Suffice to say, there are so many phenomenal things about the Danielle Folkerts Studio. It’s clear as glass she’s doing what she loves and it shines through in all her ventures…But you know what I think is the best thing about Danielle? She’s honest. Her blogs show you exactly what’s going on in her career and how much hard work she puts into this. If you ever feel lost in your practice, read her blog. It’ll remind you of why you’re doing what you love and to always push through.” – Amber Solberg, 2015

“…I have had the pleasure of having a professional working relationship with Miss. Folkerts for the past six years during our studies at Red Deer College and the Alberta College of Art & Design.  Specifically, Danielle and I worked together curating the student exhibition, Marginalia, (2013) and exhibited together in the Illingswork Kerr Gallery for our graduating farewell exhibition, (2013). Danielle is an extremely talented emerging artist, who is respectful, hardworking, professional, and a joy to work with.  Her energy and passion are effusive and anyone who comes in contact with her can only be affected by her zest for the arts. Danielle is a young artist but one who’s body of work shows a depth of maturity and conceptual rich context…” – Brenda Danbrook, 2015

“I absolutely love this painting! It’s wild, colorful, & hints of adventure. The artist is a beautiful soul as well. I highly recommend purchasing from Danielle, simply because so much love & insight is captured within her work. Her work will brighten up your soul & home! ” – Michelle Russo, Etsy, March 2015