Craft Show Checklist


So you are a maker/artist/creative entrepreneur and you've just signed up for your very first creative market? Congrats! Maybe it's not your first rodeo, and you're seasoned pro - regardless, our Craft Show Checklist will look quite similar!  Today I'm sharing with you my tried and true (lengthy) checklist! Feel free to take from it what you will, and make your own adjustments to the list the next time you are prepping for an upcoming event. I always find creating a list keeps me focused, organized, and less frazzled leading up to any event.


Here's your Craft Show Checklist, or as I like to call it my "Market Day Musts":

Your Product / Storage Tubs / Table / Stool / Table Cloth / Display(s): Crates, Jars, Baskets, Boxes, Picture Stands, Suitcases, Wire Walls, Greenery, etc. / Tent + Pegs / Business Card Holder / Extra Booth Lights / Power Cord / Phone / Charger / Calculator / Cash Apron or Cash Box / Cash Float + Change / Receipt Book / Square Chip / Square App / Business Banner / Price Signage / Business Cards / Postcard Handouts / Newsletter Sign Up / Shopping Bags / Tissue Wrap / Scissors / Hole Punch / Tags / Price List / Pricing Stickers / Sharpie / Pens / Notepad / String / Clothes Pins / Logo Stamp / Tape Measure / Tape / Safety Pins / Hammer / Nails / Water / Snacks / Lunch / Kleenex / Wipes / Lip Chap / Lint Roller / Sunglasses / Trash Bag / Paper Towel / Mints / Advil / Band-aids / Clipboard / Extra Sweater 


Of course each business's needs will vary, and different markets provide a wide range of booths! You may be stuck with a small indoor 6' table, or with a large outdoor 10'x10' booth. You may not need everything listed above, or you may need to add more to the list, but this list is a great comprehensive start. Remember to consider the weather, and dress appropriately. Also mind the season, your booth in the Spring vs. the Winter will likely have a different feel, tailor where needed. Keep your audience in mind. You want to make all your shoppers comfortable, and interested! Plus, the more prepared you are, the more you will enjoy your event. 

TIP: Streamline your market experience! My best tip is to dedicate a "market box." Keep your market essentials organized in a large storage tote and you won't need to race around the house and re-organize everything each time you have an event. The easier, the better! 

What do you always have on hand at an event? What methods keep you organized, and feeling prepared for an upcoming show? Share below!

- Danielle