Travel Vancouver Island


I was so beyond excited to head out west again with my other half! This summer has truly been a whirlwind. We drove out to Vancouver Island, stopped in Victoria and Nanaimo, and slowly made our way up and through the island all the way to Campbell River and Strathcona Park. We visited friends along the way, jumped in the water every single day and made some pretty incredible memories. Vancouver Island never ceases to be one of my favourite destinations, and a place I look forward to going time and time again.

A day-by-day play of our time back on Vancouver Island this Summer! From Victoria to Campbell River we were busy jumping in every body of water we could find. We left from Edmonton, stopped in Higgins Lake, grabbed a ferry, and slowly made our way up and down the island.

From Edmonton we ventured to the Island, first stop: Victoria. 

We launched from Ladysmith, Andy's old kayak-instructing-stomping-grounds, and we spent the day learning how to roll our kayaks, and refreshing our skills before our big trip! Don't I have the cutest instructor ever? 

From there we headed to Campbell River, where we met our Edmonton crew in celebration of our friend's wedding! As usual, we found a hidden snorkel spots, did some sightseeing, bbqs and everyone camped and enjoyed drinks, games, and good company. 

Before the wedding we snuck away to Elk Falls and Strathcona Park for a little adventure!

The wedding was so beautiful, and it was an amazing day to be apart of! Congrats Ben + Tia!

We didn't waste any time, straight after the wedding we raced back to Nanimo, met up with Ryan, packed, and headed to Ladysmith to start our Kayaking Multi-Day Trip! 

There is just this certain face you make when you crawl back into wet gear early in the morning. It’s one of both excitement and cringing! However, once you get back on the water  everything is at ease and you remember why it’s worth it.

We food prepped like mad and it sure paid off! After full days of kayaking around the islands, we treated ourselves to quite the feast each night. I loved being completely unplugged this trip. It was so quiet, and so incredible. 3 days out on the water was just what we needed. As our tripped wrapped up we said farewell, made a stop in interior BC, Higgins Lake, to visit the parents, and then made our way back to Alberta.

As always, thank you BC for being so good to us. 

Summer 2016.

Danielle Folkerts