Vancouver Island Summer 2015

vancouver island kayaking

It all transpired rather rapidly, one minute I was welcoming Andy home from being on course, the next we were packing our bags and waking up at 5 am to hit the road. With a lengthy drive under our belts! Spotting orcas on the ferry ride over started the trip off with a bang.

I love getting away.  I do believe it is important to discover magic no matter where you are, but there is no denying that a new place makes you feel renewed and inspired. 

I typically have my camera in reach, capturing snapshots of my surroundings to bring back home to the studio.  It’s all part of my creative process. This trip, I spent a little less time collecting images, and more time experimenting with film. I also found myself simply putting the camera away and relishing in the countless moments to myself.  Sitting quietly, surrounded by nature, breathing in fresh air, running my hands through the water, and feeling grateful. Yes, there was a lot of gratefulness.

The island itself is full of wonders, and I was so excited to be back! Organic rich textures and vibrant hues, nature is everywhere.  It’s sensory overload. The forests, ocean, rivers and lakes are home to many stunning and curious creatures. There is a never ending list of adventures to pursue. Swimming in every body of water we come across, kayaking in the ocean, hiking in the mountains, walking along the beaches, it’s hard to not want to stay forever.

Andy grew up all around the Island, and was so excited to show me all the hidden gems of this wonderful place. 

Here is a little glance at our road trip out to Vancouver Island BC. We had many outdoor adventures, amazing weather and good company (I’m learning to love this rather spontaneous lifestyle). And as always, creating an amateur travel home video is always my first order of business when I get home. Priorities.  

Music by:
Life of Dillon – Overload (Audio)
ODESZA – All We Need (feat. Shy Girls)
Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (feat. MØ)